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We Can Thrive While Creating a Sustainable World, Beginning Today
Ellen Moyer, PhD, PE, LEED

Dr. Ellen Moyer reveals that right now is the most exciting, most dangerous, and most important time to be alive in all of human history. Our current crises call on us to upgrade to a new way of life that will sustain us and our world far into the future. We already have the capacities and tools we need.
    Specific practical, effective, and enjoyable actions you and I take now will help us and our world prosper, not just in the future but immediately. Creating a high-tech and high-nature way of life could save money and spark an economic boom. We can succeed, and thrive in the process.

Dr. Moyer’s extensive speaking includes:

  • 100 seminars in North America and Europe for industry representatives, regulators, educators, remediation technology vendors, lawyers, and environmental consultants
  • 60 presentations on biological water treatment technology
  • A three-day course for the US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Platform presentations and moderating at conferences
  • Testimony at public hearings and the Massachusetts State House
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“Dr. Moyer brings a rare combination of evolutionary perspective, knowledge, experience, insights, and ability to effectively articulate the interdependent challenges we face. She has inspired us with an empowering and practical approach for how individuals, organizations, and societies can thrive while helping to create a more sustainable world. I highly recommend her!” – Ajay Kathuria, PE, Manager, Louis Berger (a $1 billion professional services corporation)

“Your talk was the best talk I have heard on climate change because it offered so much hope. You got past the doom and gloom and gave real guidance on simple things we can do right now – as individuals and as a society. Ellen, we CAN do it. We just HAVE to do it!” – William Young, Adjunct Professor, Temple U. and U. of Pennsylvania

Ellen Moyer, PhD, PE, LEED
(413) 862-3452

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“Ellen gave a compelling and well-received talk about creating a sustainable world. Our group of knowledgeable and active attendees at Green Night appreciated this chance to hear from an expert and discover how to be more focused and effective in taking action.” ­—Nancy Bair, President, Western Mass Green Consortium

Ellen Moyer’s extensive speaking experience includes:

  • Co-presented more than 100 seminars in North America and Europe about assessing and remediating soil and groundwater contamination
  • Presented more than 60 sessions explaining biological groundwater treatment technology to environmental consultants, contaminated site owners, and regulatory agency officials
  • Co-presented a three-day course on soil remediation to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel
  • Lecture about green design, sustainability, and climate change to university undergraduate and graduate students
  • Deliver platform presentations at environmental conferences
  • Moderate environmental conference sessions and regulator panel discussions
  • Provide testimony at public hearings and the Massachusetts State House about the impacts of burning wood and waste to generate electricity and the importance of forests in mitigating climate change
  • Deliver commentaries on New England Public Radio
  • Perform radio and television interviews