Speaking – General

Environmental Expert Shares Solutions for
Creating a Sustainable World
Ellen Moyer, Ph.D., P.E.

Dr. Moyer is available to speak for:

Colleges and Universities
Environmental Organizations, Associations, and Companies
Sustainability and Green Design Conferences
Government Agencies

Topics Include

  • Cost-Effective Solutions to the Climate Crisis – 5 significant and simple solutions that do not require citizen sacrifice.
  • Shatter the Doom and Gloom, 9 Reasons to Hope – Dr. Moyer shares why we should be optimistic and excited about the future.
  • Burning Trees to Create Electricity – What Are They Thinking? Truthful revelations about this anything-but-clean-and-green technology.
  • Lessons for Environmental Leadership – How One Person Transformed an Open Sewer into a Swimmable River
  • More story ideas available at:

“Hello Ellen, Thank you for taking the time to come speak to our Sustainability 101 class! I am fairly new to the field, and found your presentation fascinating.” Christina Spinazola, student at University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

“Amazing. Your talk was the best talk I have heard on climate change because it offered so much hope. You got past the doom and gloom and gave real guidance on simple things we can do right now – as individuals and as a society. Ellen, we CAN do it. We just HAVE to do it!” Bill Young, wetland scientist and adjunct professor teaching sustainable practices and ecology at Temple University and University of Pennsylvania School of Design

Ellen Moyer, Ph.D., P.E.
(413) 862-3452

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Ellen Moyer’s extensive speaking experience includes:

  • Co-presented more than 100 seminars in North America and Europe about assessing and remediating soil and groundwater contamination
  • Presented more than 60 sessions explaining biological groundwater treatment technology to environmental consultants, contaminated site owners, and regulatory agency officials
  • Co-presented a three-day course on soil remediation to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel
  • Lecture about green design, sustainability, and climate change to university undergraduate and graduate students
  • Deliver platform presentations at environmental conferences
  • Moderate environmental conference sessions and regulator panel discussions
  • Provide testimony at public hearings and the Massachusetts State House about the impacts of burning wood and waste to generate electricity and the importance of forests in mitigating climate change
  • Deliver commentaries on New England Public Radio
  • Perform radio and television interviews