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  • Use the same email address for 1 and 2. Then when an NGO emails you, if you want to keep receiving their emails, no action is needed. If you don’t want to keep receiving their emails, we suggest you mark their first email as “junk” or “spam” in an effort to keep future emails from reaching your inbox.
  • To prevent all of these emails from reaching you at all, you can create a free, dedicated email account, whose inbox you don't need to check. You can create an email account wherever you’d like. One easy option is to create a free mail.com account following the simple steps in this video. With this second option, you can reduce your petition-related email traffic to just one weekly email from Ellen that lets you know new petitions have been posted. And of course, you can keep receiving emails you were receiving before, and if you want to opt in to an NGO’s email list, you can google their name and go to their website to sign up.

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