Environmental Expert Shares Solutions for
Creating a Sustainable World
Ellen Moyer, Ph.D., P.E.


  • We Really Can Create a Sustainable World
  • Saving the Planet Starts in the Kitchen: Learn the Power of Our Food Choices
  • Burning Trees to Make Electricity — What Are They Thinking?
  • 7 Tips to Make You Environmentally Savvy
  • Shatter the Doom and Gloom: 9 Reasons to Hope
  • Ordinary Citizens Making a Big Difference: How One Woman Transformed an Open Sewer into a Swimmable River
  • We Can Fix the Economy and the Climate at the Same Time
  • Cost-Effective Solutions to the Climate Crisis Await — It’s Time to Stop Waffling
  • How U.S. Forests Play a Crucial Role in Helping the Climate
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Ellen Moyer, Ph.D., P.E.
(413) 862-3452
Availability: Boston, MA, and nationwide by arrangement, also via Skype and telephone.


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Testimonials from Radio Show Hosts

“She’s one of the leading minds on the environment,…one of America’s best resources on the air for ordinary people to understand the basics of the entire green movement. Her book is amazing… She has remarkable credentials to be doing layman’s language. With most people with a Ph.D., it’s very hard to get bite-sized pieces of understanding. She’s always so great for that and such a great communicator on top of knowing so much.” ­—Ed Tyll, The Ed Tyll Show, Starcom Radio Network

“Such a FABULOUS interview you gave us today!” —Robin MacBlane, AM Ocala Live!

“Environmental Consultant, Ellen Moyer, PhD is a terrific guest! Her experience and knowledge, coupled with her approachable style, will be an asset for any show! Ellen appeared on our show, Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva, on February, 15th. We had such a great conversation that we plan on having her back in the early fall to deep dive into the topic of food contaminants. What we loved best about our discussion, is that although the subject of saving our planet and steering clear of pollutants can seem daunting, she gives us HOPE! She is a person of integrity and vision! We highly recommend her.” —Eva Lewandowski and Charlie Lobosco, Corporate Talk with Charlie and Eva, Talkzone

“I found Ellen to be an informative guest with a great sense of humor and ability to communicate her passion for environmental issues. I look forward to her returning to the Alive at Five program in the future, speaking with her was the best half hour of my day.” —David Leonard, Alive at Five, KYNT

“I enjoyed having Ellen Moyer on my radio show. She was well-spoken and we had a lively and interesting discussion. I was inspired by her hopeful outlook and constructive ideas. I highly recommend her as a speaker or interview guest.” —Burt Cohen, Keeping Democracy Alive, Portsmouth Community Radio

“Thank you again for joining me on the show, you did an amazing job. I would love to have you on again in the future.” —Alyssa Compa, A Community Affair, Rowan Radio

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What Would Health Care Look Like if Health Were Truly a Priority? July 14, 2017. Available here.